Permanent Project Managers – 10 Reasons They suck

Permanent Project Managers
Permanent Project Managers

Permanent Project Managers

A reader sent us this article about permanent Project Managers. See what you think.

Reasons They Suck

1) They often have been promoted just for having been around long enough, not for performances.

2) They are generally clueless, not just in relation to the technology, so they never get the contractors they need.

3) They hire you for your expertise but when you get on board they do not use it, as they regard tradition (aka what they know) more highly than innovation (which is why the consultant was supposed of being hired).

4) They have little time to do the job as it interferes with the time that they should allocate to more useful and more interesting political conspiracies that they seem to enjoy so much.

5) They get resource on the project on the basis of loyalty (to them) and regardless of competency (which they rarely can assess anyway).

IT Consultant On Board

6) At the right time they get a consultant on board just for the purpose of letting him carry the can for their own mistakes.

7) They see something new as a threat instead of an opportunity

8) They envy contractor rates but they would not do contracting because they do not have what it takes in terms of skills or guts

9) They basically like the comfortable life, producing very little and administering the status quo, and see anybody who tries proactively to get something done as a threat, as that would make them look what they are : BAD

10) They spend plenty of time organising endless meetings for the sake of it, with little follow up or action points (which should be followed by, well, some action) where instead meetings are there just for getting free sandwiches.

IT Contractor Comment

Well, what do you think of his reasoning?

In your experience, do permanent Project Managers suck?

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