Spamming References – 10 Questions you could ask IT Agencies

Spamming References
Spamming References

Spamming References

IT Agencies ask a lot of questions of contractors like asking them to provide references, details of IT clients that they have been put forward to, clients they have been to interview with etc. They are, however, just spamming references from IT Contractors.

So, here’s some enquiries IT Contractors could make of IT agencies.

Counter Questions

1. Could I have a couple of references from IT Contractors who have worked through you in the past? I want to find out what their experiences are of working through your agency.

2. Could I have a couple of references from IT clients that you have? I want to make sure that they have had good experiences of working with your agency.

Agencies Spamming References
Agencies Spamming References from contractors

3. Better still, could I have a list of all your client contacts so that I could call a couple at random to check your agency out.

4. Could you give me your client’s email address or number so that I can check that they want references for the IT Contract. I can then give the references to the client direct.

Contract Rate

5. Could you let me know what rate you will be charging me out at and the margin that you take? I want to make sure you are not one of those dodgy agencies that rip contractors off.

6. Are you a member of Apsco or REC and have you signed up to their Codes of Conduct governing agencies?

7. Do you use Professional Contractor Group approved contracts? I don’t want to be paying IR35 tax if I can help it?

8. Do you mind if I don’t opt out of the Agency Regulations governing whether IT Contractors can go direct to a client at the end of their contract?

Set of Accounts

9. Could I see your last set of accounts. A lot of agencies have gone bust owing IT Contractors money and I want to make sure it doesn’t happen to me.

10. Is  spamming references from IT Contractors for whom you have no contracts just to get leads for yourself, your agency’s policy? Is this your personal ‘dirty trick’ or is it approved by your managers and directors as I would like to know who to report to Apsco, REC, IPSE – and for an article for

So, there’s some questions you can put to agencies spamming references from you.

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